Pro-Tech provides expert guidance on how to get a renovation survey in Ireland.  Upon contacting Pro-Tech a mutually convenient time will be arranged with a Pro-Tech Surveyor to visit the property to carry out a full survey and detailed inspection and subsequently to issue a detailed report. A fixed fee for this inspection/survey and subsequent comprehensive report will be agreed up front. The surveyor shall bring all the necessary specialist equipment to carry out a full and detailed inspection of the area of concern. It is requested, in as much as is possible, that the areas to be inspected be cleared of furniture and carpet in order to gain full access.

In some instances, it may be required that samples be taken from the affected area. These samples then undergo full laboratory analysis to test for example for strength and salt contamination amongst others in plaster or for mould and rot infestations amongst others in wood. Once the samples have undergone the detailed laboratory analysis it is possible to provide an accurate diagnoses and therefore solution. The Surveyor will inform the client of their preliminary findings.

In some instances, for more serious cases, circumstances will dictate that Pro-Tech undertake an indepth fully invasive survey. This will require opening up the affected area and may involve the use of elevation platforms and/or scaffolding. Pro-Tech would then reinstate the area after the works have been completed. Before an invasive survey is undertaken Pro-Tech would agree this with the client.


how to get a renovation survey in Ireland
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Pro-Tech Conservation Solutions has a team of highly experienced and qualified Building Surveyors. Recognised as the industry leaders in the field of Building Preservation and Remedial Treatments in Ireland, Pro-Tech has been entrusted with the restoration and treatment of some of Irelands most prestigious Buildings, often involving complex, multi faceted, cutting edge industry leading solutions.

All of Pro-Techs Surveyors operate to the highest industry standards and take pride in every job they are involved in, no matter how large or small, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This is why Pro-Tech is able to provide a 20 year guarantee on all its work.


For serious damp issues other than rising or falling damp problems, Pro-Tech can offer a comprehensive moisture monitoring service and issue a report with back up recorded data for relative humidity and temperature fluctuations in order to diagnose and prescribe remedial remedies.

In addition, Pro-Tech offer drying out monitoring facilities for buildings which is particularly important for those of historical value.

For large concrete floors where moisture content is critical for floor laying, Pro-Tech will undertake damp surveys with associated recommendations.

Pro-Tech - Recognized as the industry leaders in the field of Building Preservation.


Upon completion of the survey and laboratory analysis of the samples taken, if required, a comprehensive and detailed photographic and written report will be provided. In this report it will outline the specific findings and a diagnosis of the problem related to the affected area. In addition, the report will recommend a detailed solution for the specific remedial work to be undertaken to resolve the problem.

This report will also detail cost estimates and timescales for this work. The Surveyor will make follow up contact with the client to ensure that the report is fully understood and to answer any questions.