Mould Solutions

Do you have problems with mould
and condensation in your home?


Mould is an allergenic with the following health effects:

1. Allergic reactions
2. Asthma / Respiratory problems
3. Cold / Flues / Sore throat
4. Itchy eyes / nose bleeds




Our Solution

Installation of a Positive input Ventilation System
(PiVS) in the property.


  • The PIVS draws fresh air into the property. It filters the air and delivers a constant supply of fresh air to the central hallway.
  • This creates a positive pressure of fresh air in the property.
  • The fresh air displaces the stale air and lowers the humidity levels.
  • Controlling the relative humidity of the property below 60% will prevent the germination of mould.




  • Low running costs.
  • Whole house ventilation
  • No more streaming windows
  • Enhanced Heat distribution
  • Improved air quality
  • Remove musty odours
  • Control Condensation
  • 5 Year parts guarantee
  • Service contract available.
  • All installation work fully guaranteed.



  • PIVS installed in the attic.
  • Delivers fresh, filtered air to the hallway.
  • Provides primary ventilation to all rooms directly linked to the hallway.
  • Secondary ventilation may be required to en-suites (not directly linked to hallway).
  • Reduces relative humidity to eliminate germination of mould.




  • For apartments and flats without attic space.
  • This is installed through an external wall of the apartment.
  • Similar to the HomeVent, it operates by drawing fresh air into the property, filtering the air
    and delivering it to the central hallway of the property.



  • This is used to deal with condensation and mould in individual rooms.
  • It is installed through the external wall of the room.
  • The unit is fitted with a relative humidity sensor.
  • When the humidity rises above 60% the unit draws fresh air into the room and draws out the stale air.

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