Pro-Tech Solutions provide moisture monitoring services in Galway and nationwide. Water ingress after chemical treatment will also render treatment guarantees null and void.

Roof construction in old or historic buildings are often complex, and the regular examination of vulnerable timbers can be time consuming and impracticable. Subtle, gradual leaks can be difficult to detect visually, particularly for example in eaves voids, beneath valley gutters etc. Adjacent timbers could decay for some time as water percolates through, before the dramatic appearance of a fruiting body from a well established fungal infestation attracts attention.

A remote moisture sensing system, installed with a knowledge of the history of the building and any past problems can be an invaluable early warning system. Alternatively a moisture monitoring system could be installed in new roofs to act as a safeguard against future problems. Sensors can be fitted in vulnerable areas, and have been designed to be effective over a wide range of structurally different situations. This enables us to monitor timber moisture levels in the most complex of roof spaces.

A fully automated remote moisture monitoring system has now been developed which will continuously monitor the electrical conductivity of up to 480 sensors. The units are scaled to represent the percentage moisture content of wood as measured between two passive electrodes. The system consists of a number of remote stations, each of which monitor up to 32 sensors. These remote stations are housed within roofspace, hence minimising wiring lengths from the sensors themselves.

The remote stations are wired in parallel back to an alarm control unit so that one wire only leads from the attics to the control unit. The system is powered via the control unit from an adjacent standard mains socket, although rechargeable batteries could be used as a power source if necessary.

The supply voltage is a nominal 12v. The control unit may be sited in any convenient location, and is equipped with green LEDS to indicate normal running and a red alarm LED coupled with an audio alarm (which may be switched off) to indicate that one or more sensors have exceeded a preset moisture level.

The display at the top of the box will indicate sequentially which sensors have tripped the alarm, and by pressing buttons on the panel below, the moisture levels recorded by each individual sensor can be displayed.

The control unit can also accommodate a modern link, a data logger or an IBM compatible PC for which relevant software can be provided.


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