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Woodworm is a problem which can effect untreated timbers anywhere in the country. The problem is far more common than many people realise, but in domestic situations may only come to light when properties change hands. A recent survey indicated that woodworm was present in 75% of properties examined.  Effective woodworm treatment and prevention is therefore essential.

The female insects lay their eggs on rough, undecorated timber surfaces, in a crack or crevice, or in an old ‘worm hole’. The eggs hatch into larvae, which tunnel into the wood, where they remain for about three years. During this period they obtain their nutriment by eating the wood. Nearing maturity, they pupate (turn into a chrysalis). The adult beetles bore their way out, in so doing, make the characteristic woodworm hole. After they emerge the adult beetles, which can fly strongly, mate and the whole life cycle starts again.

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The Common Furniture Beetle is a wood boring insect which can cause a considerable amount of damage to both soft and hard woods. The larvae of the beetle bore through the wood, digesting the cellulose. After two to three years they form a pupal chamber near the surface and there change into adult beetles.

In summer the adult beetles bite their way out to the surface forming the characteristic round flight holes. After mating, the females lay their eggs (up to sixty) in cracks, crevices, or old flight holes. The eggs hatch out, and a new generation begins a new life cycle.

In very damp favourable conditions such as are provided by timber pre-digested with a wood rotting fungus, the life cycle can be as short as eight months.


Nationwide, damage through woodworm can amount to many hundreds of thousands of euros each year, yet the problem can be remedied provided it is dealt with properly. Heavily infested timber may need to be replaced, but in most cases proper treatment with an effective wood preservative will eradicate woodworm infestation and provide long term protection against reinfestation. These preservatives normally contain fungicides which offer protection against fungal attack at the same time.

As one of the largest and longest established companies specialising in this field, Pro-Tech will correctly identify the problem and recommend the appropriate remedial treatment. It will provide experienced personnel with the necessary skill and equipment to carry out the work essential for a successful cure, neatly and efficiently. Equally important, this treatment will give lasting protection to ensure that there is no recurrence of the problem.

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Eradication is carried out under our twenty year written guarantee, excluding only treatment of joinery items and furniture.

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