Basement Waterproofing

If your basement needs to be waterproofed, with care an effective waterproofing system is achievable with Pro-Tech.

Attention to detail is our priority from the moment you contact us. Each proposal is to an individually designed specification for the project to hand. Suitability of the structure to accept a system is paramount. Recommendations are based on the best preferred system, i.e. cementitious tanking, cavity drain membrane, pre-applied bonded membranes.

There are several reputable and well established Companies which manufacture these systems.

Pro-Tech have been involved in extensive research and development with the best manufacturers of generic materials throughout Europe for many years and continue to advance the product range and training techniques to establish the best possible solutions most suitable to our climate and building tradition.

Basement Tanking

In order to function effectively basements, whether they are in buildings under construction or undergoing refurbishment, will need to achieve a level of dryness compatible with their usage.

Damp Basement

For example, an underground car park at 75% relative humidity, but which has a few minor damp patches in out of the way corners and also condensation on the walls, may be considered to be dry. Whereas an office, which has no visible dampness at all but has a relative humidity of 75%, may be perceived as being damp, because papers could curl and the occupants would find the atmosphere muggy.

Basement waterproofing

Before and after:
An example of a damp vaulted cellar in Ely Place. Waterproofed with
cementitious tanking and a one coat breathable lime based plaster.

Basement tanking

Basement waterproof


Table 1 of BS 8102:1990 (Code of Practice for Protection of Structures against
Water from the Ground) defines performance levels for the dryness of buildings
in four grades, as follows:

Basement waterproofing

Table 1 does not define what it means by ‘dry’ environment or ‘totally dry’
environment for Grade 3 and 4, nor how much moisture vapour is tolerable
for Grade 2.

However, it would be reasonable to assume that the dryness level required for
the Usage Grades could be summarised as follows:

Damp basement

Protec, Protim