Pro-tech Conservation Solutions are leading ventilation experts in Galway. With improved building features such as cavity wall insulation, double glazing and air tightness, ‘natural ventilation’ is prohibited.

Stale air is trapped leading to musty smells, dampness and mould growth.

During the renovation of an existing property or the construction of a new property it is important to comply with the requirements of Part F of the building regulations for ventilation. Consideration must be given for the installation, inspection, testing and maintenance when installing a ventilation system in the property.

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Types of Ventilation


This type of ventilation provides a constant level of fresh air to dilute and disperse low levels of water vapour and other pollutants, usually by the provision of background vents or mechanical supply ventilation.


This type of ventilation is required in rooms where most water vapour or concentrated pollutants are released, usually by mechanical means such as extract fans. These rooms include bathrooms, ensuites, utility, kitchens etc.

Positive Input Ventilation

Positive Input Ventilation systems are accredited with BBA certification: 03/4043. These are sophisticated whole house ventilation systems, which dilute, displace and replace high humidity levels to control condensation and mould growth.

Positive Input Ventilation is an all year round system that is a cheaper option than heat recovery ventilation. Systems can also be extremely energy efficient, taking advantage of the benefit of solar gain from the loft space and providing heat distribution.

This can save around 10% of annual heating costs per year. Indoor air quality is improved to transform a stale, humid atmosphere into a fresh, healthy, condensation-free environment.